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Yvette Spears Dazzles in Blackberry Daze


“To have both Roz White and Yvette Spears on the boards together again is a treat not to be missed. In the gospel numbers, White’s powerful vocals crescendo in capturing the soul of the music. Meanwhile, Spears as sensuous lounge singer Pearl is as luscious as ever, belting out contralto tones with her unique resonance and rich timbre…The songs have a modern jazzy swing and the jaunty choreography sway sexy hip rolls, to cake-walk, to arms reaching to glory…excellent artistry at work.”

- Debbie Minter Jackson, DCTheatreScene

Buffalo News:  Pine Grill Reunion Features Showstopping Performances   -Mary Kunz Goldman

The Pine Grill Reunion began with thanks to “the strong people who came out here tonight despite what it looked like.” For a while, with dark clouds hovering, it didn’t look good.

But the rain held off and the sky brightened. The concert began great guns with an appearance by Saltman Knowles, a combo from out west.

Saltman Knowles – named for bassist Mark Saltman and pianist William Knowles – featured an unusual vocalist, Yvette Spears. Spears was an arresting performer. You could not remember seeing anyone like her. She had a ladylike appearance and a rich contralto voice with a full vibrato. She began with the kind of song you don’t hear every day, “September in the Rain.”

Beseme Mucho - Yvette Spears
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With These Hands - Yvette Spears
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At Last - Yvette Spears
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Walk With Me Lord - Crescent City Gospel - Yvette Spears & Wycliffe Gordon Quintet
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Trouble in My Way - Crescent City Gospel - Yvette Spears w/Wycliffe Gordon Quintet
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Southern Nights, A spirited musical toast of Jazz splendored from the Crescent City to the Capital City - enchanted with Voices from the Jazz Boutique in Southern Comfort.

Yvette Spears sings "THIS IS NEW"on 2016 CD release of ALMOST by Saltman Knowles

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